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Coffee and Coffee Snobbery are recurring themes on this site.  As you know, I work for the nice guys at Prima Coffee.  Naturally, I have a fair amount to say about coffee equipment.  Many coffee snobs find themselves (to their chagrin) receiving Starbucks cards for Christmas.  While I am thankful for such gifts, because Jen really likes their hot apple cider, I think it helpful to provide a list of good gift ideas for your favorite coffee snobs. So, here’s my list of great Coffee gifts divided under: $0-$25, $25-$50, $50-$100, and $100+.


DCILY KeepCup$14.50

DCILY Keepcup


This is a sweet reusable travel cup featuring one of my favorite coffee blogs – DCILY.

Clever Coffee Brewer$16

Clever Coffee Brewer


I have said multiple times before that the Clever is the best entry-level manual brewer on the market.  I absolutely love this brewer.  It is a great gift.

Intelligentsia Gift Card$25

Intelligentsia Coffee Gift Card


Intelligentsia is one of my absolute favorite roasters.  Their coffee subscription service on their website, however, is confusing. Thus, I recommend a gift card.  Intelli ships all over the place, and you can find great coffee (and sweet mugs) on their site.

Sweet Maria’s Green Coffee – $$$

Sweet Maria's


These vary in price, but if you know someone that does their own roasting, Sweet Maria’s is a great resource.



Aerobie Aeropress Coffeemaker


The AeroPress is a great little brewer.  A little more effort than a Clever, but it makes a great cup of coffee.  Mind you, it only makes one cup, but it does it well.

Hario Metal Coffee Press$27.75

Hario Metal Coffee Press


If you’re into French Press coffee, this is a good little brewer for you.  Prima is also selling it dirt cheap for Black Friday.

Hario Mini Mill Manual Coffee Grinder$31.95

Hario Mini Mill Grinder MSS-1B


The best little hand grinder out there.  Gives you a good workout while grinding your coffee.  Functional for espresso to French Press, which is quite versatile…trust me.

Jennings CJ4000 Scale$38.75

Jennings Coffee Scale


I find that I brew coffee best when I am exact with the weights of both the grounds and the water.  The Jennings scale is precise.  It also has an AC adapter so you don’t have to buy batteries every six weeks.

Hario V60 Pour-Over Set-Up$43

Hario V60 Coffee Brewing Set-up


I have this set-up at home (except with a ceramic brewer).  I love this system. Although you will need to purchase a pouring kettle as well (see below).

Bonavita Electric Pouring Kettle$49.99

Bonavita Electric Pouring Kettle


This is the kettle I rock at home.  It is also helpful for warming up my daughter’s bottles.


AeroPress and Mini Mill Combo$57

Aeropress Mini Mill Travel Combo


Put two items from the list above and get ’em for cheaper. Enough said.

Hario Buono Pouring Kettle$53

Hario Buono Pourover Kettle


Pours better than the Bonavita kettle, but it costs a bit more and doesn’t heat up water automatically. Your call as to which is better.

Counter Culture 3-month Coffee Subscription$64.95

Counter Culture Subscription


I love Counter Culture Coffee. They have a good subscription service for varying durations.


Tonx Coffee 3-Month Subscription (2 12oz bags per month) – $114 ($38/mo)

Tonx Coffee Subscription


Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder$129

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder


My favorite entry-level electronic grinder.  It is very flexible and reliable. We use it everyday in the office.

Six-month Craft Coffee Subscription$134.94

Craft Coffee Subscription


Great subscription service. Craft coffee sends you great coffee from several great roasters.

Prima Tamp$140

Prima Tamp


Just talked about this yesterday. It still rocks.

Bonavita Thermal Carafe Automatic Brewer$149.99

Bonavita Automatic Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe


The only automatic coffee brewer I recommend.  Great gift for anyone at half the price of a Technivorm (another good automatic brewer).

Until later friends…


Today is National Coffee Day.  Hooray for coffee!  I love coffee.

Coffee Beans Stock PhotoToday is a happy day in our office, which is comprised of a bunch of coffee nerds.  I realize that many people use coffee as a drug, and this is bad.  Some companies embrace this coffee addiction, like Dunkin Donuts:

America Runs on Dunkin (or a stimulant drug in coffee)I oppose caffeine addiction, but I wholeheartedly support coffee.  Across the country there are all sorts of giveaways celebrating coffee today.  Both 7-Eleven and Krispy Kreme are giving away free coffee today.  That is about what their coffee is worth in my opinion.  In honor of National Coffee Day, let’s talk a little bit about good coffee.

On Good Coffee Brewing

Mr. Coffee is Inconsistent

  • Sorry, but Mr. Coffee does not give you proper temperature stability or equal extraction.

Manual Brewing is the Way to Go

  • In honor of National Coffee Day, Prima Coffee is offering 10% off of manual brewers from their manual brewing blog post.  Simply enter “coffeeday” in the coupon field during checkout.

Coffee beans should not be black

  • This means they are burnt.  Burnt = bad.

Coffee has More Nuances than Wine

  • Scientific fact.  Check this article on coffee and wine.  Plus, drinking coffee and driving will never get you arrested.

Grind Immediately Before you Brew

  • Coffee loses its flavor exponentially the longer it sits ground.  Never buy pre-ground coffee – even if it is vaccuum sealed.

Those are a few hints towards a better coffee experience.  Now,  lets talk about some great coffee suppliers.

On Buying Coffee Beans

Don’t buy Starbucks coffees

  • They are burnt, and even if they were roasted to an acceptable level, you won’t get them until many weeks after their roast date.

Check out some great National Roasters

Intelligentsia and Counter Culture are the Best

Find a Local Roaster in your Hometown

Best Louisville Coffee RoastersGet a Coffee Subscription

  • If you want to try out lots of different coffees, try out a coffee subscription.  Craft Coffee‘s subscription intrigues me.

That is all I have for National Coffee Day.  Go enjoy some great coffee, and if you don’t have a great way of making coffee, check out Prima Coffee’s sale today.

Until later friends….


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