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Baristas have gotten a bad rap, even though many of them deserve it.  Many people have seen Funny or Die’s “Coffee Snobs” video, which I won’t link to here because of offensive language.  This video is a bit of an exaggeration, but it speaks volumes about the awful coffee-shop experiences people have had due to snooty baristas.

"Coffee Snobs" - Funny or Die

Jason Dominy of Batdorf and Bronson recently wrote a blog post entitled “No More Coffee Snobs.”

Jason Dominy

Dominy is a class-act, and is well-respected in the Specialty Coffee community.  Dominy states, “we have got to find a way to meet average customer halfway, without compromising our passion and thoughts on what good coffee is.”  He is exactly right. No one wants to be talked down to when they are buying a cup of coffee.

Chris DeferioChris Deferio (pictured above) is a former finalist for the United States Barista Championship.  He is another big name in the Specialty Coffee Community, and he too is an advocate of kindness in coffee. I think Deferio really hit on something in his comment on Dominy’s blog: “It seems that we have anthropomorphized coffee into our imaginary friend and are constantly trying to defend them against the customer who we view as the one who doesn’t believe in them. Without the customer we are nothing.”

Dear Specialty Coffee Community,

Please be nice.


For Aslan and the Volunteer State

In other related news, I have been greatly entertained this week by a series of posts on Quora about Tip Jars in Coffee Shops.   Here are some of my favorite funny, snarky, or just plain clever tip jars:

Darth Vader Tip Jar

I love Star Wars, Coffee, and tipping. So naturally, I am entertained by this.

Ninja Tip SharingVeiled threat about unseen ninjas jumping people in the parking lot…I like it.

Tupac or BiggieI’m not sure who I’d vote for, I can only say mo money mo problems.

Chuck Norris Kicking Justin BieberIf this were true, I would drive to wherever this is and put in $10.

Until later friends…


I am very glad that the Texas Rangers pulled out the victory last night over the Cardinals.  As a result, I have had this stuck in my head most of the day.

Texas Rangers are manly.  Whether they be Chuck Norris kicking people in the face or Nolan Ryan hitting people in the head, you don’t want to mess with a Texas Ranger.

The video above is when Nolan Ryan hit Robin Ventura with a pitch.  The 26-year-old Robin Ventura charged the mound against the 46-year-old Nolan Ryan.  Nolan Ryan promptly put him in a headlock and beat the snot out of him.  This same Nolan Ryan is now the president of the Texas Rangers.  Here is a picture of Nolan Ryan with president George W. Bush.

George W Bush and Nolan RyanI’m fairly certain that Nolan Ryan could still hold his own in a bench-clearing brawl.  I loved watching Nolan Ryan pitch as a kid.  He had the best fastball ever, and he was as tough as nails.

Top Three Reasons Why I’m Cheering for the Texas Rangers

1.  St. Louis Cardinals

The Cubs/Cardinals rivalry is the most significant rivalry in my sports allegiances.

Mr T Cubs Fan - Cubs Cardinals Rivalry

There is no situation in which I would cheer for the Cardinals.  It is a friendly rivalry though.  Unlike Yankees/Red Sox fans, I can have friendships with many Cardinals fans.  There are many Cardinals fans I like, especially my in-laws.  But I don’t want them to have the satisfaction of another World Series win before the Cubs get one.

2.  Josh Hamilton

Classy guy. Classy player.

Josh Hamilton at bat

3.  Nolan Ryan

Tough-as-nails. Knows the baseball code.  Made the Texas Rangers a perennial contender.

Nolan Ryan Robin Ventura Fight

Until later friends…

Unless you live under a rock, are Amish, or been in a drug-induced coma, you are by now well aware of the fact that United States forces killed Osama bin Laden last night in Pakistan.  Apparently he was not living in a cave, but in a sizable compound.  The United States sent its Navy SEALs Team Six to do the mission.

Navy SEALs Team Six made up of Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer(A Top Secret Image of the Navy SEALs Team Six)

The team was flown in in Blackhawk helicopters, commenced the attack, and returned in under an hour.  It was a successful mission that is quite impressive in terms of military action.  There are reports of people cheering and celebrating in the streets of Washington D.C. and New York City.  I am glad that Osama bin Laden met his end.  I do wish it would have been by means of a trial and execution, but either way, the world is a little bit safer today.  So, my thanks to the Navy SEALs, the CIA, and the White House.

Until later friends…

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Prima Coffee announced today that they will now be giving away a t-shirt with every purchase over $35. You can read about the deal here.

Prima Coffee T-Shirt

These are pretty sweet shirts.  I have one, and I have enjoyed it.  The t-shirts are cool, but even cooler is the contest they announced today as well.  You may submit a picture of yourself wearing a Prima Coffee T-shirt under one of several categories.  Then, invite all your friends (Facebook friends or real friends) to vote for you.  The person with the most votes as of January 31, 2011 will win a Mypressi Twist V2, a Hario Mini Mill Slim, and a Prima Coffee Tamper.  This is a sweet contest that you can completely manipulate if you have a lot of friends.  Voting is unlimited, so get started.  Although, be forewarned that a storm of competition is already brewing:

Until later friends…

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