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Dioner Navarro hits 3 HRs against the White Sox

The Chicago Cubs had a big day yesterday.  Despite boasting a losing record and the second-worst record in the National League Central Division, the Cubs have won three in a row.  Yesterday, the backup catcher Dioner Navarro had the best hitting day of his career.  Navarro hit three home runs against the White Sox.  He finished the day 3-for-3, BB, 3 HR, 4 R, 6 RBI.  That’s a pretty good day for a guy that doesn’t play every day.  It brings even more joy that he did this against the hated White Sox.

In honor of this rivalry, I present Ron Swanson vs. Darryl Philbin:

Until later friends…



1.  easily provoked to anger; very irritable

2. characterized or produced by anger

Example: Although Carlos Zambrano has earned a reputation of being an  irascible hothead, I think his outbursts point to his love of the game, and I appreciate that.

PS – Go Cubbies! I hope Big Z no-hits the Sox today.

Until later friends…


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