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Buffalo Wild Wings LogoI have been a big fan of Buffalo Wild Wings for quite a while.  Recently I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings at St. Matthews here in Louisville.  I had a minor customer service complaint that I used the contact form on Buffalo Wild  I received a call from the manager within an hour and a half (on a Sunday).  I was really impressed with the level of service.  The manager sent me some Parmesan Garlic Sauce (my favorite) and a gift certificate.

Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan Garlic

As it turns out, my original complaint was invalid (although understandable as many people have confirmed).  I will not go into the exact details of the issues involved, because I don’t want tricksy people that may come across this post to try to take advantage of a business with solid customer service.  Suffice it to say, the staff at Buffalo Wild Wings St. Matthews have proven to be very classy folk.  I will be frequenting there throughout the football season as my budget allows.


So, here is my formal plea: If you live in Louisville, please go visit Buffalo Wild Wings St. Matthews. They are nice people, and I owe them a favor for accidentally gaming their sweet customer service.

Here is another reason why I love B-dubs:

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