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Dear readers,

I have been woefully inactive on this blog as of late.  Life is busy, as I am sure your life is.  We are in the midst of preparing for the birth of our first child.  So, blogging has not been at the top of my priority list.  It occurred to me today that I have around 50 followers that have only heard from me twice in the past month.  I realize this probably has not caused you any undue stress, but when I subscribe to blogs, it is because I like what they write.  So, when they don’t write anything, I might just take them off my blog reader.  So, in case your mild interest in For Aslan…and the Volunteer State is waning, I have put together a playlist for you my favorite readers (and you people that got here via random google searches for things like “Andrew Jackson,” “Louisville Slugger Museum,” or “Bodum Monkey”).

For my fellow Rickrollers….

For my fellow coffee nerds…

Here is my friend Matt making tampers for us at Prima Coffee.  He’s really good, and this is a sweet video.

For fans of literature and films…

This might be cheezy, but I think it looks great. I mean, Edgar Allan Poe murder/mystery movie? Yes please.

Edgar Allan Poe Meme

Until later friends…


Last week I blogged about the glorious nectar found in slushy machines.  This week I have only written sports blogs, and for the weekly Friday poll, I really don’t feel like straying from the sports theme.  So, today we will have another March Madness Poll!

This tournament (like every other NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament before it) has not gone as expected.  Butler is going on another magical run even though their actual Bulldog is not allowed to go to the games, which is a bad idea NCAA. Trust me, I’m a Cubs fan.  Ever heard of the Billy Goat Curse?

The Big East has looked pretty awful (aside from UConn).  BYU made a good run on the shoulders of the Danny Ainge-ish Jimmer Fredette, but thankfully they lost to Florida and my bracket remains alive.

Duke is gone…finished…out.  There were no Christian Laettner heroics.  In fact, they didn’t even get close enough for Laettner to help them. So, props to you Arizona.

After last night, half the Elite Eight is set: Arizona, UConn, Butler, and Florida.

The last four to join the Elite Eight will come from: Ohio State, Kentucky, Marquette, UNC, Kansas, Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth, and Florida State.

So, the poll for today is in honor of the Elite Eight.  Now that pretty much everyone’s brackets is dead, who are you cheering to win?

Until later friends…


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