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Jen’s parents (and grandma) were in town for the weekend.  It was really great to see them. On Sunday they babysat our sweet little girl so we could go on a date.  My lovely wife acquiesced to my request to spend our date night watching the new Batman film – The Dark Knight Rises.

Dark Knight Rises Poster

There will be no spoilers, because this is how I felt before I saw it.

The film was excellent.  I think I liked it better than The Dark Knight.  Joker was a great villain, but I think Bane was even better.  Bane was more believable as a villain, and thus, more terrifying.  Zealots like Bane exist in far greater quantities than murderous, psychopaths like the Joker.  In honor of this great film, I have collected on this post various cool/funny/entertaining things pertinent to The Dark Knight Rises. Enjoy…

In Honor of the Voices of the Batman Series:

Fact: Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy put together some of the best voices in film.  For a long while I’ve said that you could have an amazing film if you just got Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Sean Connery to sit in a room and talk.  Christopher Nolan got three out of four in his films.  Also, Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy developed great voices for their respective villains.  Here are some examples.

Liam Neeson:

I loved Liam Neeson’s performance of Ra’s al Ghul.   Here is a list of the Top 10 Liam Neeson performances (I don’t know if I agree, but it gives a nice glimpse at the versatility of Liam Neeson).

Michael Caine

Michael Caine was brilliant in all the Batman films.  I mean “brilliant” in both the British and American senses.  Here is Michael Caine imitating Michael Caine.

Morgan Freeman:

Although a relatively small role in the films, Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox character is incredibly endearing.  Don’t believe me, go watch The Dark Knight Rises and get back with me.

Gary Oldman:

Gary Oldman does a great American accent for Commissioner Gordon.  I mean, he usually sounds like this:

Tom Hardy as Bane:

Even though some people found Bane’s voice difficult to understand, I think Tom Hardy gave a masterful performance. (See 1:00 mark)

Heath Ledger as  the Joker/Tom Waits:

Lots of people have been posting a video of Tom Waits and saying how much Heath Ledger’s Joker sounds like him. I completely agree. Here they are side by side:

How Much Would it Cost to be Batman in Real Life (Original Source)

The Lion King in the Spirit of The Dark Knight Rises

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Batman sharefest. Until later friends…



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