The Avett Brothers - Bob, Scott, and Seth

I’ve written before about how much I like the Avett Brothers.  Last month I picked up their newest album The Carpenter (Check out a great interview with Scott Avett about it) .  It is a really solid album, and I have greatly enjoyed it.  One song in particular has really stuck with me – “A Father’s First Spring.”  I’ve embedded a video of it below:

This song is about the birth of Scott Avett’s daughter Eleanor, and its lyrics are really powerful.:

The realest thing I ever felt

was the blood on the floor and the love in your yell

I was a child before

the day that I met Eleanor

I really identify with that (except substitute “Lily” for “Eleanor”).  15 years ago every father of a little girl was touched by “Butterfly Kisses,” this song helps me to understand that feeling (although I much prefer the Avett Brothers to Bob Carlisle).  I know that my life forever changed when I became a Dad to a little girl.  To quote further from the song:

When I’m in the sweet daughter’s eyes

My heart is now ruined for the rest of all time

I think another reason I have been so drawn to this song is the knowledge of what is going on with Bob Crawford.  Bob Crawford is the bassist of the Avett Brothers, and his daughter Hallie has battle brain cancer.  Here he is discussing their experience:

As a father of a little girl that has gone through surgery, I identify with this.  This is another reason I love this band. Their willingness to be open, their humility, and now, their efforts in aiding a place like St. Jude’s all make me like them all the more. I encourage you to go buy The Carpenter (for $6.99 on Amazon as of today). You won’t regret it.  Also, say a prayer for Bob’s daughter Hallie as she continues her treatments.

Until later friends…