We recently brought a whole heap of new products into our inventory at work.  You know me, I am greatly entertained by new coffee stuff.  One new product I am particularly excited about is this Hario French Press:

Hario Double-Walled French Press

As I have written before, I have mostly disavowed the French Press in honor of the Clever.  This French Press, however, is out to change my mind.  The actual working design has no real difference than a standard French Press, but aesthetically, this thing rocks.  It just looks good.  I was tempted to proclaim this the most aesthetically pleasing home coffee brewer, but then, that made me think of all the other well-designed brewers.  So, lets pit them all against one another and see who wins.  In honor of this contentious election season, we’ll have a vote.

Be sure to read up on the candidates below:

Hario Double-Walled French Press

Hario French Press with Olive Wood

This French Press includes a double-walled design, which aids in temperature stability.  It also makes it look pretty sweet.  The design incorporates glass, olive wood, and leather. I think this is a beautiful brewing apparatus.

The Chemex

Chemex in the MOMA

The Chemex is designed so well that it is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). I think that puts it in contention for most aesthetically-pleasing home coffee brewer.

Walküre Karlsbad Coffee Brewer


The tea-inspired porcelain design of the Walküre Karlsbad is beautiful.  This is the kind of brewer you put in a china cabinet as a conversation piece.

Eva Solo Cafe Solo Brewer

Eva Solo Cafe Solo Coffee Maker

The Eva Solo is hip.  It is the John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever of the coffee brewing world.  It is a force to be reckoned with in coffee style.

The Siphon

The Siphon is the only coffee brewing apparatus with which I am familiar that uses an open flame.  People (and moths) are drawn to the beauty of an open flame.

Happy Voting. Until later friends…