Last week I watched a very interesting film entitled Silly Little Game.

Silly Little Game -  History of Fantasy Baseball

Silly Little Game chronicles the invention of Rotisserie Baseball, which in effect created Fantasy Sports.  It is an entertaining story.  I am terrible at Rotisserie Baseball.  I am good at Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball, but I have not quite got the hang of Rotisserie.  I got 4th out of 9 last year, but currently I’m sitting at number 9 for this season.  This film got me more excited about Fantasy sports, but I have pretty much given up on my Fantasy Baseball team this year.  That is why I am super excited about football season beginning.

Crunching numbers for my Fantasy Football draftFantasy Football drafts feel like you’re a floor-trader at the Stock Market.  There are so many stats to look at, and your gut feelings could lead to amazing success or utter failure.  Last year, I thought I put together a good team.  Our league is a “keeper league,” which means each team owner gets to keep two players from the previous year.  Last year, I kept Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson.  Your two keepers serve as your first two picks in the draft.  I badly needed a quarterback, and I was thrilled to see that Peyton Manning was available in the 3rd Round.  Little did I know, that Peyton Manning had a neck injury that would keep him from playing all year.

Peyton Manning Injured

Thanks a lot Peyton.  I am going to be better prepared this year.  I will be aware of the health status of all my draft picks this year.  This game can border on obsession, but it is a lot of fun.  It mixes my love of football and my love of problem-solving.  For instance, last year when Adrian Peterson blew out his knee, I was faced with a new problem: do I keep him for future seasons, or do I let him go and secure a solid second-round pick?

Adrian Peterson blew out his knee against the Redskins in 2011

I haven’t chosen what to do with AP yet.  Will he return to his dominant form? I don’t know.  This is all part of the excitement of fantasy football.  You start following every game more closely.  You take injuries and turnovers personally.  As long as you can keep it in perspective (these players don’t owe you anything), it can be a ton of fun.  I am really looking forward to our draft, and I will post my roster in the coming weeks. Wish me luck.

Until later friends…