It has been really hot lately…record-breaking hot.  We have had a lot of fun in the office over the past two weeks experimenting with a DIY Cold Brew Coffee Maker.  This Cold Brewer is made with a mason jar, Aeropress, and a water bottle.  Here is an image of the Cold Brewer and the instructions from our Prima Coffee Facebook page.

Prima Coffee Homemade Coffee Cold Brewer

DIY cold brew for $30! You’ll need: Aeropress with 2 filters, bottle, sewing needle, sharp knife, water, ice, and coffee.

[1] Empty bottle and cut off bottom.
[2] Remove bottle’s cap and puncture w/ needle. Replace cap. Test flow by filling w/ water and watching rate, aiming for about 40 drops per minute.
[3] Wet filter and assemble Aeropress, filling w/ 45 g (9 tbsp) of medium-fine ground coffee.
[4] Moisten grounds and stir gently, subtracting water used from total water dose. Level coffee bed with finger.
[5] Trim second filter to fit inside of Aeropress and place atop coffee bed, pressing softly to level.
[6] Place Aeropress on jar and mount bottle on top.
[7] Fill bottle w/ 300 g (10 oz) water and 200 g (7 oz) ice.

After bottle has emptied, serve coffee over ice.
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Until later friends…