I am about sick of hearing the name “Payton” (“Peyton”) this week.  OK, we get it. Peyton Manning decided to go to the worst of the three options he had WR-wise in signing with Denver .  (Seriously you pick Denver over Moss, Crabtree, and Davis at San Francisco and Britt and Washington in Tennessee?)

Peyton Manning Broncos

(Is it just me, or does John Elway look like he’s forcing a smile after he just realized they spent $95 million on a dude with a serious neck injury that will never return to the top of his game?)

Also, Saints coach Sean Payton has been banned from the NFL for 1 year for the Saints bounty program.  I support this. It is further proof that Roger Goodell is the toughest guy in the NFL.

Roger Goodell is Tough

So, I suggest we end all this modern Payton/Peyton talk.  Lets talk about my favorite Payton….Walter.

Walter Payton

Walter Payton was nicknamed “Sweetness.” Kind of a sissy name for an NFL legend, but he wore it well.  And his play, put simply, was sweet.

Walter Payton Scoring a Touchdown

I met Walter Payton when I was in the 5th grade.  He was incredibly nice.  I have a picture at my parents house of Walter and me – he has me in a headlock…it’s pretty great.  So, here’s to you Walter.  Way to be nice to kids, and run the ball better than anyone other than Barry Sanders.

Walter Payton SI

Until later friends…