Confession…I don’t really follow NCAA Men’s Basketball until February/March.  Once the tournaments begin though, I get super excited about it.  I love the tradition of filling out a bracket, only to see it destroyed in 3 days.  The only good bracket I’ve ever had is when I picked Kansas to beat Memphis for the title by four points in 2008.

Kansas Defeats Memphis in National Championship Game - 2008

Usually my bracket ranks in the “meh” percentile.  This is probably because I make emotional decisions when I fill out my bracket.  For example, I have UK losing to Indiana in the Sweet 16.  Is this very likely? No.  Would it be stinking awesome? You bet.

Indiana Beats Kentucky

My final four has proved shocking to all of my friends thus far.  I will share it with you. I will also share with you a little bit of my thought process and some shockers in my bracket.

My 2012 Final Four Bracket

You saw that right. I did pick Michigan State to win it all.  Never bet against Tom Izzo.

Thoughts Guiding My Selections:

Never Underestimate Tom Izzo


  • My hatred for Murray State. (My whole family went to Austin Peay, so I was raised to hate Murray State.)
  • Teams get extra consideration for a great post player.
  • If I really can’t pick between two teams, pick the coach I like best.
  • Vanderbilt can’t be awful forever.

Picks that Might Shock You (and my rationale)

  • Indiana beats UK in the Sweet Sixteen – They beat them once already.  I’m tired of every UK fan acting like Calipari is the basketball savior even though every accomplishment he has ever made in NCAA basketball has come at the expense of his and the school’s honor.  Not to mention that those tournament appearances were stripped afterwards.
  • Colorado State Beats Murray State in the First RoundReally no rationale other than that I despise Murray State.

Colorado State Basketball

  • Kansas State Beats Syracuse in the Second Round – Syracuse lost their big man, and Kansas State beat both Missouri and Baylor this year.
  • Florida State Beats Ohio State – Two Reasons: I never cheer for Ohio State for any reason and FSU killed it in the ACC tournament (and we all know the ACC is the best conference in basketball).
  • USF Beats Temple – USF plays better teams than Temple. USF is coached by a former assistant of Tom Izzo
  • Belmont Beats Georgetown – I know it’s a long shot. However, they almost beat Duke in the Tourney. Plus, I know a kid on the team, and I would love to see them win.

Belmont Basketball


That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  Until later friends…