MLB 2011 Playoff BracketThus far my bracket is doing pretty well.  Tonight could change that drastically, but lets hope not.  Lets talk a little bit about what has happened so far.

Rangers vs. Rays

Rangers Celebrate with Ginger Ale for Josh HamiltonThe Rangers beat the Rays in 4 games.  I was glad to see them win for two main reasons: I like Josh Hamilton and I like Nolan Ryan.  Josh Hamilton is a classy guy.  He really struggled with substance abuse in the past, which kept him from playing for the Rays when they drafted him.  Hamilton apologized to members of the Rays organization for his past drug abuse that kept him from contributing to the team.  I respect Josh Hamilton for confronting his past and living in the grace of Christ.  Josh Hamilton makes me a Rangers fan this time of year.  And I love that the Rangers celebrate with ginger ale so that he can take part – that’s classy boys.

Josh Hamilton at batNolan Ryan is one of the best pitchers ever, and I like to see his team winning.  I think he could still have pitched effectively for the Rangers if needed.

Tigers vs. Yankees

The Detroit Tigers beat the New York Yankees in 5 games.  This thrills my soul.  I despise the New York Yankees, and it does my heart good to see them lose.  A lot of people don’t like Jose Valverde, because he acts crazy when he strikes people out, but I find him very entertaining.

Jose Valverde is CrazyI also love that this series ended with a strikeout of Alex Rodriguez.  There are very few players in the league that I personally cheer against, and A-Rod is top of that list.  He is a cheater.  He has admitted to steroid use, and should be banned for life.  No Hall-of-Fame for this cheater.  He had great, raw talent, but his entire career is tainted now.  Glad to see him finish the Yankees’ season.

A-Rod Strikeout

Phillies vs. Cardinals

The Cardinals have made this series much more interesting than I anticipated.  The series is tied 2-2, and it will be decided tonight in a pitcher’s duel between Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter.

Roy Halladay vs Chris CarpenterI think (and hope) the Phillies will pull this out.  Roy Halladay is a machine.  Aside from him being a Cardinal, I really like Chris Carpenter.  He is a great pitcher and classy guy (Editor’s Note: I wrote this statement thinking about Adam Wainwright. In fact, Chris Carpenter is not classy).  I just hope he loses tonight.  And if you watch the game tonight, check out my theory that Lance Berkman looks like Vince Gill:

Lance Berkman Kinda Looks Like Vince GillBrewers vs. Diamondbacks

This series was the one I was most unsure about when I made my predictions.  I know how good the Brewers are, but I have paid no attention to the Diamondbacks.  I still think the Brewers will pull it out, but having Kirk Gibson at the helm for the Diamondbacks makes me uncertain.

Kirk Gibson Home Run Fist Pump

So, GO PHILLIES and GO BREWERS tonight!  And Booyah to you Yankees fans.

Until later friends…