It seems that specialty coffee has gathered some celebrity force in the recent past.  Last week, I discovered this video detailing Hugh Jackman‘s interest in supporting coffee farmers in Africa:

I like Hugh Jackman from The Prestige and the X-Men movies – although I’m not yet a fan of this new robot-boxing movie he decided to do.  I was unaware that Jackman worked with World Vision, which I like a lot.  As a result of forming a relationship with a coffee farmer in Ethiopia, Hugh Jackman has started Laughing Man Coffee.  I would like to try this coffee sometime.  It looks pretty good.  I’m happy to see Wolverine taking a bite out of Starbucks.

Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) has started a specialty coffee company

In other coffee news…apparently Drew Bledsoe started a coffee roasting company in Oregan in 2008.  This New York Times Article about Bledsoe tells about several business ventures Drew Bledsoe has pursued after retiring from the NFL.  There is a sweet shot of him roasting with a sweet-looking roaster in the article.  From what I can tell from the website (11 Roasters), this roaster seems to put out some good light roasts.  I’d also be interested in trying these.  Drew Bledsoe was a heck of a player, hate to see him Wally Pipp‘d by Tom Brady, but I’m glad that he has joined the specialty coffee community in his retirement.

Drew Bledsoe opened a specialty coffee roastery

Congrats to Hugh Jackman and Drew Bledsoe for their forays into the specialty coffee world.  I hope to get a hold of some of their coffees soon and test them out in a Clever and Chemex.

Until later friends…