Today is Thursday. My thoughts are not coherent this morning. So, today’s post is a collection of completely random thoughts:

  • I really like the Thor movie – there I said it.

Thor (film) by Marvel Studios

  • Jen and I watched Thor last night thanks to a free rental from Blockbuster.  Amidst all this Netflix fiasco, Blockbuster is offering some sweet coupons and deals.  Maybe Blockbuster is making a comeback.
  • Saw a great cartoon depicting the Netflix fiasco this week:

Idris Elba plays both Heimdall and Charles Miner from the Office

Baptists and War

  • In regards to music, I have enjoyed listening to Blood Brothers this week.  It’s depressing, and the social message blaming sin on environment is faulty, but the music is good and the accents are great.

Blood Brothers Musical

Samuel Barber

  • If you are unfamiliar with Samuel Barber’s music, watch this as soon as humanly possible:

That’s about all I have for right now.  I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

Until later friends…