It is hot…real hot.  I used to make fun of people up here in the commonwealth for complaining about the heat index.  This year the heat ain’t no joke.  I’ve spent most all my life either in the vicinity of Nashville or Memphis, and both of those places redefine “hot.”  I remember going to college in Jackson, TN and having the distinct sensation that I had to swim to my car every day when I stepped out into the 135% humidity.  This year, Louisville is Tennessee-level hot.

Tennessee Heat Index

(Notice the red blob of heat death centered on Middle and Western Tennessee)

With all of this oppressive heat, how can a coffee connoisseur survive? I see three options:

1) Drink coffee regularly (in an air-conditioned building) and pair it with cold water.

Coffee and Cold Water2) Drink Iced Coffee

For iced coffee, I recommend the Hario Fretta, which I have posted about before here.  It is easy to use, and produces a great iced brew.

3) Cold Brewed Coffee

I have mostly been skeptical of cold-brewed coffee.  Recently, however, one of my co-workers bought a Yama Cold Brew Tower and brought it into work for a couple of days.  Cold brewed coffee is very strong, and it is best to drink it over ice or mixed with cold water.

Yama Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you are interested in cold-brew coffee, check out this great post from Mark Prince at Coffeegeek: How to Brew Ice Drip Coffee.

So, go enjoy coffee in August without a heat stroke.  Until later friends…

(Thanks to Prima-Coffee and Stock.xchng for the use of these images)