Declaration of Independence

I know July 4th was a while back, but you know how sporadic my blogging has been.  Plus, in the South (from whence I hail), the whole month of July is a patriotic time.  July in Tennessee is a great month to stay out of the 110% humidity and watch John Wayne and Clint Eastwood portray manly Americans on AMC.

I was recently watching ABC World News with the Louisville native Diane Sawyer, and they had a Made In America segment.  They talked about these different stores that sell only American made products.  I am not against imported products, but I am all for American jobs.  They had a stat on there that struck me, but I couldn’t remember exactly what the numbers were.  So, I looked online, and I found one stat that said that if each American household spent $5 more/month on American made products, it would produce 200,000 more American jobs.  Check out their Made in America map and stories.

Made in America - ABC World News

Since I love America and Coffee, I decided to give you my own little Made in America blog post – Coffee edition.  All the great coffee in the world comes from outside of America (sorry Kona), so you can’t really have good American coffee.  Most of the great coffee equipment comes from Italy or Japan too (e.g., La Marzocco or Kalita). There is, however, at least one American made coffee device: the Coava Kone.

Coava KoneMy friend Lee over at Prima Coffee recently wrote this review of the new and updated Kone.  It was through this review that I became aware of the fact that the Kone is completely American made.  To quote the Kone, it is, “MADE IN USA | designed in portland, steel from ohio, etched and welded in connecticut.”  So, although it is pricey at $50, it is a good buy for several reasons: 1) it is designed well and brews a great cup of coffee; 2) it will save you money over the long haul in the paper filters you will not have to buy; 3) it is more green, so your conscience will be happier; and finally, 4) it is made in America, and if you buy it, you are voting with your money for more American jobs.  If the stat of $5/month per American family = 200,000 more jobs is true, than your purchase of the Kone will cover 10 months of the year.  God Bless America.

Until later friends…

PS – If you know of other completely Made in America coffee products, let me know and I might do a post on those as well.