This will not be a coherent post, but some are just more fun that way.  So, here we go:

  • Roy Halladay is ridiculous…in a good way.  I mean, that guy has to be the best pitcher I’ve ever seen.

Roy Halladay is a beast

Jared Weaver Pitching

  • Brian Wilson = very funny.  I usually am not a huge fan of people straying from the respectful tipping of the hat during introductions, but his Jim Carrey-esque look at the camera made me laugh out loud.  Plus, his breakdown of the National League roster was Harry Carey level funny.

Brian Wilson Hat Tip

Lance Berkman Kinda Looks Like Vince Gill

  • As much as I hate the Yankees, I love Curtis Granderson.  That guy is just classy.  He seems to really enjoy the game, and he seems down to earth.  Plus, the whole snippet about him being a fan of Pro Wrestling was pretty classic.  Everybody loves the Macho Man.

Macho Man Randy Savage

  • Cliff Lee has a spectacular breaking ball.  I also loved the clip of him hitting his first home run followed by him saying, “Hey, Babe Ruth started as a pitcher.”

Cliff Lee Home Run

  • Adrian Gonzalez kills it in both leagues.  People said he couldn’t handle the transition to the AL, but he is a machine.  Wait to go Gonzo.

  • Starlin Castro is the hope of the Cubs.  Those two stolen bases were awesome.  The strikeout and error…not so much.  Yet, this kid is going to be something.  I’m excited to see him continue to grow into the best middle infielder in the league – there, I said it.

Starlin Castro

  • To finish, I’m super-excited that the National League has put together a two year streak now.  Let’s keep it going and get the Cubs home field advantage next year!

Until later friends…