You read that title correctly, I did mean to say “Fields.”  Field of Dreams is one of the best baseball movies ever. No question.  It examines the National Pastime and father-son relationships.

I’ve always loved Field of Dreams, and I’ve grown to love it more as I have gotten older.  Unlike Ray Kinsella, I have always had a great relationship with my dad.  Like the Kinsella’s – and many other American fathers and sons – my dad and I have a lot of baseball memories.  I remember playing catch with my dad in the front yard while pretending to be Ryne Sandberg or Nolan Ryan or Mark Grace.  I remember my dad computing my batting average for me when I was playing little league, and explaining to me that a fielder’s choice was not a hit (much to my chagrin).  Dad and I have been wanting to go on a major baseball park tour for a long time, and we finally got to do that last month.  This post (and several subsequent posts) will be about this “Fields of Dreams Baseball Park Tour” as I have decided to call it.  Today, I will give a basic overview, and I will go into more detail for each park in subsequent posts.

May 20-21 – Chicago Cubs at Boston Red Sox

We saw two games at Fenway Park between the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox.  This was the first time the two teams met in Fenway since the 1918 World Series.  It was a great experience.  Fenway Park was a great ball park – the only ballpark older than Wrigley Field.  The fans were nice, and the traditions were great.  Boston was also a great city for a history nerd like me.

May 22 – New York Mets vs. New York Yankess

Next, we went to New York via the Amtrak to see the Subway Series.  Yankee stadium was ginormous.  It was a really interesting experience.  We sat in the right field bleachers and were neutral observers as the Yankees and Mets fans around us cussed one another out for several hours.  The subway to the Bronx was…interesting.

May 23 – Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Contrary to everything I’ve ever heard about Philadelphia fans – Philadelphia was great.  The fans were super nice.  I was really excited to be there for Chase Utley’s first game of the season following an injury last season (I think he is a super classy player).  Philly was just a great city.  Loved all the historical places.  I also enjoyed getting to go to a couple of quality coffee shops while sporting my Prima Coffee T-Shirt (interestingly the two shops I went to, and had great experiences at, served Stumptown and La Colombe coffee respectively – and those roasters decided to get into a tizzy shortly after I dropped by).

May 24 – Kansas City Royals vs. Baltimore Orioles

I absolutely loved Camden Yards.  We had great seats (as evidenced by the photo above).  The game was also won with a walkoff home run (also evidenced by the photo above).  It was a great experience, and I look forward to blogging more about it.

Overall we had a great trip.  I am looking forward to posting more about each game.  We saw all sorts of great things, and I am so thankful my dad wanted to take me on this trip.  Being away on this trip explains my absence from blogging, but I will now be back in full force. So, stay tuned.

Until later friends…