Unless you live under a rock, are Amish, or been in a drug-induced coma, you are by now well aware of the fact that United States forces killed Osama bin Laden last night in Pakistan.  Apparently he was not living in a cave, but in a sizable compound.  The United States sent its Navy SEALs Team Six to do the mission.

Navy SEALs Team Six made up of Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer(A Top Secret Image of the Navy SEALs Team Six)

The team was flown in in Blackhawk helicopters, commenced the attack, and returned in under an hour.  It was a successful mission that is quite impressive in terms of military action.  There are reports of people cheering and celebrating in the streets of Washington D.C. and New York City.  I am glad that Osama bin Laden met his end.  I do wish it would have been by means of a trial and execution, but either way, the world is a little bit safer today.  So, my thanks to the Navy SEALs, the CIA, and the White House.

Until later friends…

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