April 20th.  It is one of those days in history that you have to acknowledge.  I’m sure there are going to be several blogposts around the world today talking about the fact that this day is the anniversary of Hitler‘s birthday and the Columbine shooting.  I don’t really want to blog about Hitler other than to say that he was absolutely evil.  I think it is interesting that in our culture where so many people poo-poo on the idea of applying labels of “evil” and “sin” to people, we can all still agree that Hitler (and Nazism) was evil.  No one can deny that a man brute responsible for the creation of a political system that oversaw the murder of over 6 million people is evil.

In regards to Columbine, I think all of us that witnessed the news coverage that day were changed.  In some way, I know that my worldview changed just a little bit on April 20, 1999.  Five Iron Frenzy (Denver natives) wrote a song about Columbine entitled “A New Hope” that I think characterizes the shock well:

A darker world lies behind this one
Cryptic it hides beneath perception
We all saw it on that day
Stunned we stood stuttering
What did the news say

April 20th is also a day when potheads celebrate their complete apathy towards life, but this is barely worth mentioning.

All of these dark events could lead you to ask, “Does April 20th ever produce anything good?”  In fact, it does.  I have decided to give you a short list of some of the blessings April 20th has bestowed upon the world over the years.

  • 1718 – David Brainerd was born (one of the most influential missionaries ever).
  • 1976 – Joey Lawrence was born, and if he had not been born, we never would have had one of the best catchphrases of the 90s:

  • 1916 – Wrigley Field hosted its first Chicago Cubs game.

  • 1972 – Apollo 16 lands on the moon
  • It is also the birthday of two of my friends Lindsay and Jande, to whom I give a shout out.

So, go make this April 20th a good one! Until later friends…