This weekend I decided to buy some songs on iTunes.  Jen wanted to get some country songs, so she did that, and  I wanted to try out some new bands that one of my friends constantly recommends to me.  So,  I got songs from the Mountain Goats, Jamie Barnes, and Brooks Ritter.  My friend had also recommended this group called Band of Horses.  I had never heard any of their music, but I thought it’d be worth a dollar or two.  Upon searching for them in iTunes, I immediately noticed one of the best song titles I have seen in recent history: “Detlef Schrempf“. In a move I can only blame on nostalgia of the better days of the NBA (before Lebron James or a team in New Orleans or Oklahoma City), I bought this song immediately without listening to the preview.

The song is pretty good.  I probably will get a full Band of Horses album in the future, but right now I am happy with my “Detlef Schrempf” song and reminiscing about NBA Jam.  For the record, let it me noted that Detlef Schrempf was a beast of a ballplayer.  My years of playing NBA Jam as Schrempf/Kemp paved the way for Dirk Nowitski to be my favorite current NBA player.

What new bands/songs have you recently found their way onto your playlist?  What other ballplayers (any sport) do you think would make good song titles?

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