I will not recant. I still think the Big East is overrated, but I must offer congratulations to UConn.

UConn cleaned house in this tournament and clearly deserved to be the 2011 Champions.  I still think the Big East is completely overrated.  1 stellar team does not a dominant conference make (e.g., Butler in Horizon League or John Calipari’s Memphis teams in Conference USA).  I will still argue till I’m blue in the face that the ACC is the best conference, but this year the championship belongs to the Big East.

On another note, Butler’s coach Brad Stevens has become one of my favorite coaches in sports over the past two years.  He is a classy guy that doesn’t act like a fool in games.  He coaches well, and he has done a lot with a school no one had heard of two years ago.  Props to him.  I hope he gets a wicked recruiting class this year.

With coaches like Brad Stevens and John Pastner around, I have hope that the post-Krzyzewski and post-Roy Williams era will be a classy one. That is not to say that Krzyewski and Williams are not classy, they are (Pitino and Calipari, not so much).

Until later friends…