Chicago Cubs

Happy Opening Day everyone. I think Opening Day should be a national holiday…just saying.  Today is a great day.  The world’s greatest sport begins afresh today.  On this day I can still delude myself into thinking that the Cubs will go 162-0 and the Yankees will go 0-162 (what a glorious season that would be).

I have a feeling this is going to be a great season.  I have plans to visit at least 4 Major League ballparks this season, and I’m pretty stoked about that.  In honor of Opening Day, here are my picks for the season.

NL East

1. Phillies

2. Braves

3. Nationals

4. Mets

5. Marlins

NL Central

1.  Chicago Cubs (Probably will actually get 2nd or 3rd, but I have to pick ’em for 1st)

2. Brewers

3. Cardinals

4. Reds

5. Astros

6. Pirates

NL West

1. Rockies

2. Giants

3. Dodgers

4. Padres

5. Diamondbacks

NL Wild Card


AL East

1. Red Sox

2. Yankees

3. Rays

4. Orioles

5. Blue Jays

AL Central

1. Twins

2. White Sox

3. Indians

4. Tigers

5. Royals

AL West

1. Rangers

2. Angels

3. Mariners

4. Athletics

AL Wild Card


Well, those are my predictions of how the 2011 season will shape up.  Anyone beg to differ? So, strike up the band with Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Let’s Play Ball!

Until later friends…