Today is the 30th anniversary of the day Ronald Reagan was shot in the chest by a crazy guy named John Hinckley, Jr.  I am too young to have experienced the drama of this, but after reading about it, it sounds pretty crazy.  Apparently this Hinckley fella was obsessed with Jodie Foster and thought that shooting Ronald Reagan would endear him to her.  Note to all single guys in the world: Girls generally don’t like it when you shoot people (especially well-beloved presidents).  Wikipedia had a montage of the attempt which I have copied below:

BTW, I think the secret service agent with the Uzi looks pretty hardcore.

It is clear that Ronald Reagan belongs in the list of manliest presidents.  Ronald Reagan is the second president (along with Andrew Jackson) I know of to survive a bullet to the chest (the first one to do so while in office).  Thankfully, Ronald Reagan recovered and had a successful presidential career.

Ronald Reagan at Berlin Wall(This photo taken right before Reagan destroyed the Berlin wall with his pure manliness)

Here’s to you Ronald Regan: moviestar, president, and overall superdude.

Until later friends…