Yesterday I wrote about the new Fantasy Baseball League I joined.  I promised to provide my draft results with you, and we would see how I fared with all the physicists and their advanced mathematics.  So, here’s the roster as it stands today:


Roy Halladay

Cliff Lee

Brandon Morrow

Carlos Marmol

Matt Garza

Ryan Dempster

Colby Lewis

Jose Valverde


Buster Posey – C

Ryan Howard – 1B

Pedro Alvarez – 3B

Alexi Ramirez – SS

Carlos Pena – 1B

Starlin Castro – SS

Ian Stewart – 3B


Delmon Young – LF

Vernon Wells – CF

Bobby Abreu – RF

Grady Sizemore – CF


I’m pretty satisfied with this team.  My pitchers are great.  There are no two better pitchers in the league than Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.  I’m also pretty satisfied with the infielders especially Buster Posey and Ryan Howard (who I consider as top three players in their positions).  I will probably be doing some wheeling and dealing here in the next couple of days to balance my roster out.  As much as I love the Chicago Cubs, I know that it is not a good idea to have five players from the same team (Carlos Pena, Carlos Marmol, Matt Garza, Starlin Castro, and Ryan Dempster) on your fantasy team, so I will have to trade or cut someone.

So, in conclusion:

For Aslan vs Physicists = For Aslan Pitcher Victory and Physicists Batters Victory


Since it is Friday, be on the lookout for another For Aslan post with a poll.  Until later friends…