(To all you non-sports fans, I apologize for this post)

This weekend was great.  I loved being with my family for the entire weekend.  I got to spend a lot of time with my wife, parents, sister, and nephew, and that makes for a great weekend.  I really enjoyed watching March Madness with my family.  Our team – Austin Peay – didn’t even make the tournament this year, but we still enjoy watching all the games cheering for underdogs and  old favorites, and jeering the Big East.

March Madness

This weekend was absolutely crazy!  I will summarize my thoughts concerning March Madness in bullet-point format:

  • Glad UNC and Duke survived this weekend (partially because they helped support my post from a while back, and partially because they preserved my bracket)
  • Texas. You let me down.
  • My Final Four picks were: UNC, Texas (fail), Kansas, and Florida
  • My Championship pick is: UNC vs Kansas with Kansas winning 67-64.

Barry Bonds

In other sports news, Barry Bonds‘ perjury trial begins today.  That’s right, Barry Bonds is being tried for lying about his alleged steroid use.  I hate to use the word alleged, because anyone with functioning eyeballs and half a brain is well aware of the fact that Barry Bonds took enough steroids to turn Mugsy Bogues into Larry Johnson.

Just look at the difference in girth between Barry Bonds from 1987-2007.  There is a slight resemblance, but the 2007 Barry Bonds reminds me more of the guy from Men in Black that was inhabited by a giant alien cockroach.  Word is Bonds’ massive growth in shoe, neck, and head size will be used as evidence.

I hope Barry Bonds is found guilty.  I also hope he is stripped of his artificial home run record, and that it is returned to the noble Hank Aaron.  I learned as a child that cheaters never win, and I still believe it.

US Soccer

I found out this weekend that the US Men’s Soccer team is playing the team from Paraguay in Nashville next Tuesday (3/22).  If it were on a weekend, I would make that trip in a heartbeat, but the prospect of trying to drive 3.5 hours after a soccer game (or the next morning) to make it to work is not that appealing.  I have been a fan of the US Men’s Soccer team since I was a kid and  Alexi Lalas replied to a letter I sent him with an autogrpahed 5″x7.” Thanks Alexi for solidifying my soccer fandom!

That’s all my sports ramblings for the day.  Until later friends…