My current home of Louisville is in an uproar about the game yesterday between U of L and Pitt.  U of L won in overtime, but they nearly lost because of a cheerleader.  You read that correctly, a cheerleader nearly cost U of L the game.

I am glad that they won the game,  not because I like U of L.  I actually almost always cheer against U of L, unless they are playing UK.  I am glad that they won,  because that means this guy will be able to move on with life relatively soon.  If they had lost because of his mistake, he would probably be dead.  Louisville is a pretty dangerous place.

This story made me think of my dad.  My dad is a huge sports fan, and it is because of him that I cannot sit still or stay quiet while watching a sporting event of any kind.  My dad was a cheerleader  at Austin Peay State University, back in the days of Fly Williams.

Fly Williams

Fly Williams was a wicked ballplayer, and he inspired the cheer:
“Fly is open. Let’s go Peay!”

My dad too received a technical as a cheerleader.  He did not storm onto the court and throw a ball in the air, he simply made the referee aware of an error he had made. Some people just do not appreciate being held accountable for their actions.  I believe that Austin Peay went on to win the game, so no harm no foul.  Today this story is simply an entertaining and surprising story that I get to share from time to time.  It is a surprising story, because my dad is quite possibly the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.  His experience with a NCAA Division I technical foul did not ruin his life, in fact it just added a little spice to it.  I hope the same can be said of this U of L guy currently under so much scrutiny.  This U of L incident is definitive proof that March Madness is very close.  Enjoy the games, but remember…they are just games.

Until later friends…