I am greatly anticipating this next summer.  True, I am sick and tired of snow here in Louisville, but after watching some movie trailers last night with my wife on Fandango, I am really excited about the movies that will be coming out this summer.  I have a confession to make:  I really like comic book films.  There I said it, and have thus relegated myself to geekdom.  I do not like all comic book films, but I will give almost any comic book film a shot (as long as it is not complete debauchery).  Several months ago I had a little fun with photo shopping two of my favorite modes of entertainment: comic book films and specialty coffee.  Here is my favorite example:

Bodum French Press

(And so I don’t get my butt sued, here is where I got the picture.)

Since it is Friday, I decided we should have a vote about which comic book film is the most exciting.

Here are the two films I’m most excited about.  You can find the other trailers with a basic search on Youtube.


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