I like to do polls on Fridays.  Fridays are wonderful days, and they deserve as much fun as possible.  This blog has seen a nice increase in readers over the past week, and many of you have never participated in a For Aslan…and the Volunteer State poll before.  I try to do a different poll every Friday.  Sometimes they are about Christmas songs.  Sometimes they are about breakfast food.  Today’s poll is about coffee.

Coffee Preference

As I said Tuesday, your coffee drinking practice might say a lot about you.  I most often share a Chemex with my co-workers, but I also love going to a solid coffee shop (e.g., Quills or Sunergos).  It is hard for me to choose, and I thought about letting you have the ability to vote for more than one choice, but what kind of poll would that be?  Please vote, and feel free to campaign for your choice in the comments below.  I hope you have a rocking weekend.

Until later friends…