Someone set the thermostat for Louisville to “really stinkin cold.”  My beautiful wife has been struck by the winter sniffles, and my car wages a nightly battle with Jack Frost.

Jack Frost vs. My Car

Yes, the semester is done and I am happy about that.  But now my battle lies with another Yankee Winter.  I came into work this morning shivering and in need of inspiration.  Thankfully my friend Josh was willing to let me borrow his iPod so I could listen to an Epic Battle Ballad:

After listening to this I was ready to do battle with anything.  I felt like I could hew an orc in half, take on a horde of marauding T-72F Freezers, or decapitate a snowman.  I am ready now for whatever this yankee winter can bring.

Decapitated Snowman

Until later friends…