This past weekend was great. It was a blast to not have to do anything related to school.  Freedom is a blessed thing.  I did not make it to the Prima Coffee Barista Bash on Friday.  I love going to the Barista Bashes, but I really wanted to spend some good time with Jen.  So, we went to Buckhead’s and had a huge meal thanks to a coupon we got from  Then, we went to one of my favorite places on earth, Half-Price Books.  Jen and I got a book each for a total of about $9 – boo yah.  Then, we went and hung out with some friends and their kids.  Saturday was the first day in a very long time that I was able to sleep until I woke up without an alarm clock – it was glorious.

Death to the Alarm Clock

Saturday we also put up our Christmas decorations, which was a lot of fun since we have a lot of new Christmas stuff from some friends that moved away and left some of their Christmas decorations with us.  Jen then went and hung out with her sister and I had a Man-Day of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty with my home-dawg Josh. Afterward, I took Jen to Old-Time Pottery because I am a husband that loves his wife, and then she tagged along with me to Best Buy where we scoffed at the ridiculous prices.

Sunday we went to church, and then we ate lunch and played Wii with Jen’s sister.  Sunday night we were both craving burgers, so logically we went to get the best burgers in town at Flanagan’s.  And since I had already gone through the trouble of parallel parking, we went to Quill’s Coffee next door. Quill’s is probably my favorite coffee shop in town.  I know several baristas there, and I think it has the best atmosphere in town.  When we walked in I saw that my friend John was behind the bar.  I remembered ‘ole Phil Revell telling me about a sweet new drink that Quill’s was offering but I couldn’t remember what it was called. So, I asked John about the ‘Phil Revell Special’ and he made me an Espresso Accoppiato.  I must say, I like this new beverage quite a lot.  I like espresso a lot, but I always find it difficult to lay down $2-$3 for such a small amount of liquid.  The Espresso Accoppiato at $3 seems more worth it to me for some reason.  I’m not sure if there is that much more beverage given, but the novelty of it is quite nice.  In case you are too lazy to click my links, the Espresso Accoppiato is a two-for-one drink.

The barista – John in this case – pulls a double-shot of espresso (I think, correct me if I’m wrong John).  Half remains a straight shot of espresso, the other half is used to make a macchiato.  It is meant to be drunk concurrently.  The contrasting flavors of an espresso and a macchiato pulled from the same shot are quite enjoyable.  Props to Quills for the introduction of such a cool beverage offering.  I also thank John for giving me a miniature presentation about the drink while I enjoyed it, I feel like I got to experience a little bit of the Best Cup Competition two days late.  After our informative and delicious visit to Quill’s, Jen and I dropped by Redbox on the way home and rented How to Train Your Dragon.  I recommend the movie.  It was enjoyable and included a bunch of Scottish-accented Vikings.

The weekend was great. I am now back in the midst of another work week, but now my work hours are normal.  This is joyous.  I really enjoy not having to drive back and forth to class every other day.  I am looking forward to the spring semester, but I am really enjoying all the time I am getting to spend with Jen and friends.

Until later friends…

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