Ron Santo passed away last night.  You probably don’t know who Ron Santo is.  Ron Santo was the best Third Baseman the Chicago Cubs have ever had, and compared to Harry Steinfeldt and Aramis Ramirez, that’s saying something.  Ron Santo is part of a generation of baseball at its finest.  He never used steroids, and he always treated fans well.  He was a member of the Cubs with Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Fergie Jenkins that brought the Cubs agonizingly close to a World Series.  You might know him because of the Black Cat Curse:

Ron Santo was a heck of a player with great career numbers.  He deserves to be in the Cooperstown, and I expect that they will finally get around to doing it now that he has passed on.  As a Cubs fan, Ron Santo has been one of my favorite sports personalities for a while.  He had a great wit, tenacity, and he was always great to fans.  So, here’s to you Mr. Santo. You will be missed.

Until later friends…