Prima Coffee announced today that they will now be giving away a t-shirt with every purchase over $35. You can read about the deal here.

Prima Coffee T-Shirt

These are pretty sweet shirts.  I have one, and I have enjoyed it.  The t-shirts are cool, but even cooler is the contest they announced today as well.  You may submit a picture of yourself wearing a Prima Coffee T-shirt under one of several categories.  Then, invite all your friends (Facebook friends or real friends) to vote for you.  The person with the most votes as of January 31, 2011 will win a Mypressi Twist V2, a Hario Mini Mill Slim, and a Prima Coffee Tamper.  This is a sweet contest that you can completely manipulate if you have a lot of friends.  Voting is unlimited, so get started.  Although, be forewarned that a storm of competition is already brewing:

Until later friends…

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