Prima Coffee Barista Bash

The 4th Prima Coffee Barista Bash will be this weekend.  These events are always a blast.  You can read about the previous barista bashes here, here, and here.  “Barista Bash” may be an unfamiliar term to you.  You might think it is referring to baristas playing guitar.

Or you might think of “bash” in terms of a barista brawl.

A Barista Bash is in fact neither a musical event nor a battle to the death.  A Barista Bash is a gathering of baristas (and non-barista coffee lovers) to enjoy coffee and learn more about it.  These barista bashes always include free coffee and fun (and make great free dates!).  This Bash will feature a presentation by Jaime van Schyndel. It will also include a demonstration of the Luminaire LB-1 water delivery system (something which only coffee snobs much geekier than me will get excited about).  If you don’t know what the LB-1 is, just imagine an expensive, automated, Hario Buono Kettle on ‘roids.

One cool new feature of this Bash is the Best Cup CompetitionLatte art is cool, but I think that people have grown a little bored with it.  I am excited to see this new Best Cup Competition.  I think it will be interesting to see what people bring out.  I expect there will be a Hario, Chemex, and Aeropress.  I hope that there are other, more exciting methods.  Maybe someone will make coffee in a sock.

That’s all I have for today. Hope to see you at the Bash.  Until later friends…

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