Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, which means today I will be headed to Tennessee.  In honor of that, here are some interesting facts about Tennessee.

  • Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State.  We earned this nickname in the War of 1812 when we gladly volunteered to kick some British butt – we have also volunteered to kick butt in every subsequent war, because we do it so well.
  • Tennessee has produced some of the best fighters this country has ever seen, including: David Crockett, Alvin C. York, Sam Houston, and my Dad.
  • To expand on that last point, Alvin C. York is quite possibly the manliest figure of WWI. York won the Medal of Honor for single-handedly capturing 32 machine guns, killing 28 soldiers, and capturing 132 others – I bet you can’t even do that on Call of Duty.

  • I won’t even begin to list all the musicians that have come from Tennessee, this would take all day long.  No other state can compete.  Between Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee owns the music industry.  Even musicians that weren’t born in Tennessee moved to Tennessee as quickly as possible (e.g., Elvis & Johnny Cash).
  • Tennessee is also a leader in business. Fedex‘s headquarters are based in Memphis as well as a major Bodum distribution center.

In conclusion, Tennessee rocks. I love my home state, and I am looking forward to spending the next several days there.  I will not be blogging on my Thanksgiving holiday, but I think you will survive.  May your plates be full of home-cooked food and your Chemex full of Ethiopian Sidamo.  Until later friends…