Welcome to Friday my friends.  Between finishing a paper, talking trash with a yankee, and hanging out with my wife, it’s been a good week.  I am looking forward to next week, and getting to travel back to the homeland.

At work, throughout our daily conversations about restaurant equipment, specialty coffee equipment, and frequent coffee breaks (using a Chemex or Aeropress usually), we play a little game – and by “we” I mean the marketing department.  We don’t really have a title for this game, but the concept is pretty simple: if you sing, hum, or whistle a tune, and later on someone else starts to sing, whistle, or hum that tune, you earn a point.  We don’t really keep track of the points, but it does bring a little bit more joy to our days.  One of our favorite tunes to pass around the office is the theme from Jurassic Park.

We are a very musical office.  All types of music are mentioned in our office from Carman to Ray Wylie Hubbard to the Avett Brothers to Lecrae to Notorious BIG to The Temptations.  We have talked about Christmas music more often recently (even though one weirdo has been singing Christmas songs since March).  We were specifically talking about poor excuses for Christmas songs (or awful Christmas songs in general).  Some songs are played at Christmas just because they are about snow and stuff.  Others attempt to be more Christmas-like by talking about a baby being born, but when compared to the biblical Christmas narrative are found wanting.  So, here is the weekly Friday poll.  Please participate and tell your friends.

There are many bad Christmas songs out there.  If you think there is an even more awful Christmas song that I missed, please make your argument in the comments below.

Until later friends…