Today is my last day of classes for the semester.  I have exams the week after Thanksgiving, but I consider this a milestone.  Yesterday was my first evening without a class and without anything due the next day in a long time.  Jen and I went to McAlister’s Deli last night, which although overpriced, they do make good sweet tea (maybe they are overpriced in order to pay for the high quality restaurant equipment they have).

Then, we went to church, which was really good, especially since I hadn’t been able to hang out with the youth guys in a long time.  When we got home, Jen and I played some Wii Fit – I rocked the obstacle course (and I didn’t do any of the yoga exercises Dr. Mohler).

Then, since we’re such big-time partiers, we decided to play a board game and watch a movie.  I was very impressed when my beautiful wife threw down the gauntlet on Risk.  So, I busted out our Lord of the Rings Risk game (don’t judge), and we put in X-men Wolverine.


We left our game last night mid-process after the movie was over.  I think Jen is going to take the gloves off, and since she has Gondor, I might be in trouble.  This morning our commute into work was accompanied by a soundtrack of Five Iron Frenzy – surprisingly, by Jen’s choice.

So, basically, my wife rocks. I am very thankful that my wife played Risk with me, watched a comic book movie, and listened to my favorite defunct ska band in less than 24 hours.  In conclusion, my wife is super cool, and I am glad to get to hang out with her a whole lot more now that school is done.

Until later friends…