Well, howdy ya’ll. I am now back from my self-imposed, internetless, three-day weekend. I hope you have been able to survive without me posting anything new or exciting since last Wednesday.  I have been wrestling with writing deadlines all weekend, and I think I am winning.  I will return home this evening to finish the job.

Unlike my friend over at alldaycoffee, I still drink coffee for the purpose of caffeine-intake from time to time.  My Bodum French Press saw a lot of playtime this weekend.  I anticipate making an alliance with it once again tonight in order to defeat my foe.  We’ll tag-team that paper like the Outsiders.  Until then, I’ll nurse my battle fatigue with some help from my dear friend, the Aerobie Aeropress.  Hopefully, tomorrow will see a more enthusiastic post.  Maybe I’ll wax eloquently about True Refrigerators, or philosophize about Stainless Steel, or maybe, I’ll just make a list.  Until later friends…

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