Today is Friday. I know you’ve probably already realized this, but I like to be reminded of Fridays.  Friday is the one day of the week that I rarely ever do any schoolwork.  I look forward to Friday every week.  Friday is usually a fun day at work, because 50% of Fridays we get doughnuts, and every Friday sees all of my coworkers keeping somewhat regular hours.  Since, it is Friday, I will be doing a blog list.  Also, my Norwegian-American friend gave me the great idea of doing a poll every Friday.  So, today will inaugurate the weekly Friday poll. Let the list begin!

  • This is my pastor back in Tennessee‘s blog asking for prayer for the orphanage my church started in Haiti.  It is likely to get some awful weather today, please pray for those kids that have already suffered so much.
  • This is a book that I’m excited about reading next semester for my research.
  • I’m really itching to go see an opera sometime soon.  I have hung up the schedule of The Met: Live in HD on my cubicle.
  • I’m thinking about borrowing Rigoletto from the Louisville Public Library (it’s my favorite).

  • Here is a really good quartet from Rigoletto for you to listen to at home:
  • Generally, I think Italian operas are the best.  Kinda like espresso machines, an Italian Nuova Simonelli or Victoria Arduino espresso machine beats a Canadian Astoria any day.
  • To simplify the above point:  Victoria Arduino is to Astoria, as Verdi is to Wagner.
  • Today is the anniversary of the death of Vladimir Horowitz, who was a really good piano player.
  • Now for the inaugural, weekly Friday poll:

Until later friends…