For those of you that are not coffee snobs, be forewarned that this post will most likely not interest you much.  I will give some of the more exciting-for-non-coffee-snobs content up front, so you can see that and move on to your sports and gossip blogs.

  • I still think this is one of the best specialty coffee commercials I’ve ever seen.
  • Check out all the great Coffee Fest stuff going on.
  • Congratulations Ryan Soeder – a cool guy I know from the Prima Coffee bashes – for kicking some butt up in Seattle and representing Louisville so well.  Even though you moved to Seattle, I’ll still take it as a victory for the Louisville coffee community.
  • If you have no idea what the last bullet point was about, check this out.
  • Speaking of Sprudge, check this out…your thoughts?…comments?
  • Also, Sprudge has a sweet link to Prima Coffee‘s immensely helpful Hario Mini Mill vs Skerton blog
  • Just discovered this blog.  I don’t know how great all the content is, but I enjoy the Daily Mug Shot.

  • Hope you’ve enjoyed all the Links

Until Later Friends…