As I wrote last week, Christmas is fast approaching.  I was reminded of this when I read Josh’s post this morning (shameless plugs for Christmas gifts).  Here at For Aslan…and the Volunteer State, I talk about many things.  One topic that makes many recurrences is coffee.   I have an entire category for coffee posts.  This does not make me an addict, it makes me a dedicated consumer.  So, after reading Josh’s shameless plug for gifts, I got to thinking about coffee equipment that would make good gifts.  Here is a visual representation of my pondering:

List of pictured items available at Prima Coffee (arranged in price order from affordable to crazy expensive):

This is not my Christmas list.  This is just some helpful ideas for you if you are shopping for a coffee snob.  The last two in the list might only be good gift ideas if you have a Ryan Howard-esque paycheck.  Just be reminded that Christmas is coming, and if you plan on celebrating it by being generous to others, you better start shopping.  Until later friends…

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