Today is Thursday. I know this is self-evident to most of you, but I have keep reminding myself of this.  Last night I stayed home from church to catch up on a boatload of homework, but since I changed my schedule up a bit, I kept thinking last night was Thursday and today would be Friday.  Alas, I am still a day and a half removed from the weekend.  From time to time in each semester the whole being a full-time husband/full-time employee/full-time student catches up with me.  It has especially caught up with me in the past twenty-four hours.  Yesterday, I was cranky (sorry Stephen). Today, I am just tired.  By 10:00am this morning I had already had a faux espresso from an Aeropress, and some coffee from a Chemex – mostly for caffeine purposes (sorry Josh).  So, basically – I’m tired, and I’m looking to the end of the semester with anxiety (for all the stuff due) and hope (for sleep and the chance to be a good friend again).

And since this post is uber depressing so far, here’s a fun blog list for you:

  • Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Milvian Bridge, which led to the rule of Constantine which led to the corruption of the Christian church with the Edict of Milan years later (Moral Lesson: Uniting of Church and State ends badly for the Church).
  • Happy Birthday to Howard Hanson.
  • Rest in peace Porter Wagoner (Died on this date 2007)

  • Hebrew is still hard…just so you know.
  • A Hebrew-ish Rondo alla Turca:


Until later friends…