Happy October 25th.  You may ask, “Why are you excited about October 25th?” Well, October 25th is very exciting, and no, it is not National Espresso Machine Appreciation Day.  First, it means there are only six days until Reformation Day.

Today is also the anniversary of the births of Pablo Picasso and Georges Bizet…I know, you’re excited.  I’m not a big fan of either one of those artists, but you have to acknowledge the lasting effect they have had on culture.  If you are wondering what lasting effect Bizet has had, watch The Aristocats or Up, and you will realize that you know at least two Bizet tunes – if you are wondering why he spelled “George” with an ‘s’ at the end, I cannot help you.

Something has occurred to me in the past couple of days.  It’s not very profound, but it is important:

Every day matters.

If you look up the history of any date you will notice that events that seem world-changing to many people occur on a daily basis.  Births and deaths, battles and treaties, inventions and discoveries, all influence the way we look at the world.  Think about your life.  The lenses through which you look at life are one major blessing or tragedy away from being changed radically.   I know I will see the world much differently when I become a father, and I can remember how my worldview changed the first time I was really exposed to death.  On a lighter note, I have posted elsewhere how working in the restaurant equipment industry has changed the way I eat out.  Our experiences form us, and our actions help to form other people as well.  Be careful how you live.  Use the time that you have to influence others for good.

It is recorded that one of Hitler’s greatest influences was a History teacher he had as a teenager.  This man focused on the German volk religiously, and attempted to instill this in his students.  It stuck with Hitler, and we all know how that turned out.  Likewise, Hitler said that no one could truly understand National Socialism apart from understanding the music of Richard Wagner.  I’m sure the history teacher had no desire in shaping a teenager into the man that would oversee the murder of over 6 million people, nor could Wagner – as awful a person as he was – have imagined the evil for which his music would play the soundtrack.

The point I hope to make with this is: our lives, our work, and our thought influence others in degrees we could never imagine.  Let us think carefully about how we live.  Let us examine our words and our actions, and let us jettison imbalances.  What we emphasize may very well become idolatrous to those we influence.  Know that each day is important.  It may not seem important to you at this moment, but life-defining moments are happening all around you.  Be conscious of the human beings that live around you, remind yourselves that they too are human and deserve respect and honor.  Use every bit of influence you have for good.  Today is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it.

Until later friends…