This week has been really busy. I did not blog yesterday out of sheer busyness.  I had either a quiz or test in all four of my classes yesterday; so, my mind is still a little shot.  I wanted to give you some kind of blog post today, and what do I  do when I feel obligated to blog but not motivated to think? Make a list (examples 2 and 3). So, here we go:

  • Had a great date with Jen last week at Rocky’s.  Rocky’s is a great restaurant that uses high quality restaurant equipment, and produces good Italian-American food.
  • I got to watch a lot of football this weekend, which was good; however, it reminded me of something – I despise the Steelers.  The Steelers are a classless team that plays like a bunch of thugs.  Ben Roethlisberger deserves to be in prison.  James Harrison is the dirtiest player in the league, and I hope Ray Lewis gets put in as a fullback to clean his clock the next time the Ravens play the Steelers.  Anyone who keeps up with sports news is bound to agree with me.
  • Today is the anniversary of the plane crash that killed Lynrd Skynrd (I will listen to Free Bird in their honor).
  • As a true baseball fan (i.e., someone that hates the New York Yankees), I am a huge fan of the Texas Rangers this week. Especially Cliff Lee, what a beast:

  • Speaking of Texas Rangers, Chuck Norris is one bad dude. (Bad in a good way)
  • Last night during my exam, I was really craving an Americano from the Astoria Espresso Machine at Founder’s.
  • Thanks Equipment Trek for the sweet reference to my coffee addiction post (If you want to slowly watch someone’s descent journey into coffee snobbery, read this blog.)
  • Since I have mentioned manly men like Chuck Norris, Ray Lewis, and Cliff Lee, it seems only right to close with this:

Until later friends…