We went back down to Tennessee this weekend to hang out with my family.  We went down Friday night to spend time with my parents, sister, and nephew.  Saturday we got up early had breakfast and went to take my nephew to get his first haircut – pretty exciting.

Afterwards, we went to one of my family’s favorite restaurants in Goodlettsville, Chef’s Market.  Chef’s Market is a cool little restaurant.  The food is great – they cater a lot of fancy events (like my sister’s wedding).  It’s kinda like an upscale cafeteria.  There are a couple of heated display cases and a self-service drink station – with real sweet tea!  The entree aspect of the restaurant is good, but my favorite aspect is the dessert area.  They have both a fancy ice-cream merchandiser full of options, and then a refrigerated display case full of wonderful cakes.  They also have a coffee area behind the desserts with assorted bins of flavored-over-roasted beans.  They have a decent-looking coffee grinder, but they were running a small, residential, cheap plastic espresso machine.  I considered telling the girl working the coffee area that they would be much better served by a Mypressi Twist, but she did not seem to have any purchasing power or influence – nor based on the coffee selection, did I think they would be interested in providing excellent coffee.  On Saturday, we also hit a couple of yard sales – to no avail.  We spent the rest of the day watching College Football, watching Rangers vs. Yankees, and playing Canasta.  Sunday, we went to Long Hollow (which is a great church doing great things around the world like the Crazy Love Campaign.)  After lunch and some board games, Jen and I headed back up here to Louisville.  So, now starts another week of work and school.  The semester is in the midst of craziness, but I will not be conquered by it.

Until later friends…