So, I came in to work this morning and was greeted by two boxes of Nord’s Doughnuts.  The smell of that confectionery goodness was a most welcome greeting.  As I got rolling into the workday, I noticed my Norwegian friend had posted a sweet blog about the Princess Bride.  It got me into a fun bloglist mood.  So, here we go with the second blog list of the week:

  • Let me just say, I have a growing affection for the rhyming of Lecrae.
  • Lecrae released a new album, Rehab, on September 28th, and I know it got to at least #3 for all of iTunes (we got it at Target last night for $10.99 – woot woot).


  • I’ve never been a huge rap fan – unless you count portions of certain Supertones songs -, but it is growing on me. Possibly, because I married a Memphis girl.
  • I  like that I grew up in Nashville and had the opportunity to see bands like the Supertones, Five Iron Frenzy, Switchfoot, and Relient K on a fairly consistent basis…not bragging, just saying.
  • I’m looking forward to returning to Nashville soon and seeing my family for a short visit.
  • I am currently enjoying a cup of Ethiopian Sidamo Shoye coffee brewed on a Chemex Coffeemaker (Matt says it’s too weak, but I like it).
  • I hope you enjoyed my Chemex meet Hario blog yesterday.
  • I am excited that I will be able to watch some MLB Postseason action this weekend, since I have not been able to watch any due to a lack of cable at my home.
  • I talked to a guy this week that got the new Mypressi Twist V2, and he really liked it – aside from what they call a “shot counter.”
  • I haven’t had a restaurant equipment blog post in a while, but I guess you haven’t been losing sleep about it either.
  • That’s pretty much it.  Here’s my obligatory bloglist video:

Until later friends…