Throughout the specialty coffee world there are people that are Chemex fans and there are people that are Hario fans.  Most people like aspects of both, but everyone has his (or her) own preference.  I have mostly come down in the Chemex camp.  Although, I do like that using a Hario V60 makes me feel like a ninja:

Yet, I think the Chemex offers more aesthetically and practically.

Hario has been trying to woo me lately.  I was introduced to Hario’s Wooden Neck Drip Pot.  Can you think of anything else with a wooden neck? (Look two lines up)  So, with this Wooden Neck Pour Over unit from Hario, I can have the aesthetics of a Chemex and the feel of a ninja.

Hario Woodneck Drip Pot

I’m not saying I’m going to buy one (this model only brews 480ml), but Hario has intrigued me.

And since I have mentioned ninjas at least twice, I must give props to my favorite ninjas:

Until later friends…