I posted last week about going to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  I promised to talk a bit more about it later.  Well, now is later.  It was a great concert.  I talked about how musically talented the Chapmans are, but I didn’t talk about the concert as much.  In 2008, the Chapmans lost a daughter to a tragic car accident at home. I remember being in my dorm room when I read about that accident.  I immediately prayed for the Chapmans.  Throughout the past couple of years since the accident, the Chapmans have modeled what it means to suffer well.  They were interviewed on several news outlets, including Larry King.  They continually put their trust in the sovereignty of God.  They were honest with their struggles, but they grew stronger in their faith as a result of it.
The concert last week was very encouraging.  There was a lot of great music, but the music wasn’t the focus.  The focus of the night was the hope of the resurrection.  I was greatly encouraged by the Chapmans.  Jennifer is reading Mary Beth Chapman’s book, and what she has told me about it has also been very encouraging.  I think we can all learn from them about what it means to suffer well, by the grace of God.

Until later friends…