Over the past couple of years, I have been exposed more and more to the Third Wave Coffee movement.  I have chronicled my descent journey into coffee snobbery here.  I have been exposed to many types of coffee brewing, and I am coming to understand which coffee origins I prefer.  I can hold my own in a discussion about espresso machines, and I know enough about various brewing methods to not look like a total newbie.  Unlike many coffee-lovers, I do not spend much money on coffee.  It is hard for me to justify, because Jen doesn’t drink coffee.  I’ve considered saving up for a Mypressi Twist, but it is hard to justify spending that much money on something that only I would use – especially when it is almost half the cost of a decent couch, which would benefit both of us.  So, for mainly economical reasons, I am still rocking the Bodum French Press for all my home coffee needs.

I consider the French Press to be the gateway drug of specialty coffee home-brewing.  If you bring home a french press, most people will think, “Oh, that’s cool,” or “that’s a little weird.”  The next in line is the manual pour-over brewers like Chemex and Hario.  If you bring out a manual pourover brewer, people might still think it’s cool, but they are beginning to think you are in need of an intervention.  Your family will begin to have hushed conversations over Folgers, saying things like “He’s blowing all his money on this stuff,” “It’s like he’s obsessed,” and “This seems idolatrous.”  But the black-tar heroin of specialty coffee home-brewing is the legendary siphon brewer:

You have this thing in your house, people are going to think that you are making meth.

I joke about this thing being akin to drugs – and looking like drug paraphernalia – but all of these things are good in moderation – UNLIKE drugs.  I do not mean to make light of drugs, I am using the addictive nature of drugs to satirize the addictive obsession many coffee snobs exhibit in their hoarding of coffee equipment. Drugs will kill you, and if you are struggling with that, seek help.  Coffee obsession may kill your finances and some relationships.  Enjoy coffee in moderation, and don’t become a jerk about it.

I will never own a siphon brewer due to the whole open flame thing, and what I mentioned earlier about not spending a lot of money on coffee stuff that only entertains me. If you, however, are interested in investing in a sweet-looking coffee-brewing conversation piece, by all means, be my guest – I will not judge you.  If you are considering such a purchase I recommend reading this review first.  Coffee is a gift from God.  I am thankful for coffee, and I am thankful for people that make better coffee than I can.  I will continue to enjoy coffee – and blog about it -, but I will not spend on it obsessively and I will not let it rule my life, and neither should you.

Listen to Scruff, and take a bite out of coffee addiction.  Until later friends…